Hosting on a rock
Hosting on a rock

"We enjoy having our students each year and watching their excitement and enthusiasm at seeing our local sights. We learn about their home country while we teach them about ours, and they are even generally excited for the English lessons and the opportunity to practice their new learning. It's a great experience for us and them, and I recommend it to anyone."   - Scott

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bonding with Host sibling
Bonding with Host sibling

"Omg so happy you called today, teaching English has been such a joy, we just love these kids, last summer the boys were so well behaved towards me as a mother the experience was very humbling!  Looking forward to another summer!  Please fill our homestay with as many as you possibly can, the more the merrier they entertain each other at that age much easier, boys tend to be competitive and enjoy sports, music and practising while socializing in English becomes easier for them!  P.S. ask the kids to bring their swimming trunks, sandals, sunscreen, hats, glasses we plan on going to the beach as much as possible!" ~Grace

Aeroplane Museum Hosting Field Trip
Aeroplane Museum

👍 “Lol my student loves doing the lessons too 😃 it has been super fun! She wants to continue doing lessons even though she will be done the 10th tomorrow lol” ~ Kristina

💜"I love my students! I want to keep them forever! Do you think their parents will mind? I'll promise to take good care of them. Everyone gets along so well and they all entertain each other. They spent hours this afternoon playing monopoly and then tonight we all went to my son's soccer game where Spain took on France during the breaks for crowd entertainment and then they played basketball and hockey in driveway at home. So happy!" ~Leslie

Lot's of Free Hosting Activities
Cave Exploring with our Host Siblings

😭I'm sad tomorrow is our last full day together but we have had an amazing 3 weeks.  This week we saw African butterfly's, and looked for a queen bee, went hiking in Elora, swimming at the beach, went to a few waterfalls, paint balling and made a little girl fall in love with us. Our last day we be spent at home making sure she has everything she needs. And finishing our night with a good old fashioned carnival. 3 weeks have gone by so fast Emma has stolen our hearts as well as my best friends families. We have already started thinking about all the fun things we can mail her.  Blessed to have been a part of this" ~Amie


Exploring with our host family the Museum in St. Catharines
Exploring the St. Catharines Welland Canal Museum

✈"We have hosted about 20 students over the past number of years. While each one is different, we have not had one that we regret hosting. Our kids were in High School when we started hosting... I think it would have been an even better experience for our own kids if we had started sooner. You will get to do explore some sites and activities that you might otherwise not experience. We have had 2 sets of the hosted students parents visit us as well ... a great experience and we have been able to visit 6 families in Spain of students we have hosted. We have open invites from 2 families in France to visit them whenever we get that opportunity." ~ David


rock Climbing with our host family
Rock climbing with host family

"Don't be afraid to host. Remember that these young men and women will be our future. They need to learn that other cultures and families are much the same as their own. We may speak and different language, but their needs are the same. Treat them as you would your own kids. Take them with you when you go shopping, to the movies, and to some places they may never get a chance to see again.  Make them part of your family for the time of their stay. They are your children for that time. ENJOY IT" ~ Bill