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Students on Beach

Every year hundreds of students from France and Spain are hosted in Canada.  Many more would love to come if there were more host families.  Click the picture to apply and begin your adventure now!

Students stay exclusively with the host family and do not go out to classes.  YOU: The host family gets a booklet of 10 ESL (English as a Second Language) Lessons encompassing a total of 15 hours of instruction shared by the host.

Students are:

  • Eager to experience Canadian family life
  • Ages 13-17 with 2-6 years of English Study
  • Individually matched to your families interests
  • Prepared to help with responsibilities of daily life
  • Instructed to bring spending money for activities
  • Aware that Homestay is NOT a tourist excursion but an educational program.
  • Covered by medical, liability and emergency return insurance.
  • Chaperoned by English teachers from their own country.

Host Families are:

  • Warm, Welcoming and Open-minded
  • Of many ages and sizes, with or without teenagers
  • Proud to share our Canadian Lifestyle and Language
  • Interested in learning about other cultures
  • eager to include the student in their family and community
  • excited to teach and help the student improve their English.
  • aware that today's youth need to broaden their horizons to be world citizens


"Lol my student loves doing the lessons too 😃 it has been super fun! She wants to continue doing lessons even though she will be done the 10th tomorrow lol" ~ Kristina