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Agate Private School is an democratic alternative private school specializing in designing, developing and engaging individualized programs for our autodidactic students.
Elon Musk has set up his own alternative school for his children, describing the process as “unschooling,” after he revealed that traditional schooling was neither valuable nor interesting to him as a child. “I didn’t see the regular schools doing the things I thought should be done,” Musk said. (



Q: Is it ok to change the format of the curriculum at all? How much wiggle room do we have (if any) to deviate from what’s in the workbooks? ~Josie

Answer from Hosts:

  1. “Yep. I didn’t do those lessons at all with my 1st student. He was way too advanced. We kept the themes but made our own lessons that fit with the abilities of an advanced student. Games, reading articles and discussing them. It was like pulling teeth because he wanted to be here for a vacation but we got it done by hook and crook.” ~Natalie
  2. “I make a duo tang for each student each year that is the same and I include some crosswords with Canadian things like famous people and places so they learn and its fun and they have the work to show their parents” ~ Kelly