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Since each child is unique, we are certain you will have a few questions our website does not answer. Please prepare these questions for your Discovery Call and we will answer them for you. Any concerns you have about the process can be addressed at this time as well. Together we can determine if we can meet your needs. When ready, book your Discovery Call.

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Fill in the Application Form and hit submit. We will review your application, and if your family is accepted to our program, you will be notified. Alternative schooling suggestions will be provided if we do not meet your needs. Here are some factors that impact acceptance to Agate Private School.


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Once your family is accepted, you will need to complete enrolment. Download and print the Enrolment PDF, fill it in, scan it and email to info@learnfree.ca

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Please upload the following documents:

    • a copy of each child's birth certificate


    • a copy of any custody orders


    • head shots for student and educator's ID cards


    • OSR Transfer Letter (sample letter provided)


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Once the intake is complete, book your first one hour mentoring session and you can access the site for your learning materials (coming soon).