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Gaming and Making – Teen Meetup

Imagine a place where students can explore their passions and create projects that bring their ideas to life. This is the essence of an elaborate maker spaces with 3D printers, electronics, woodworking and carpentry tools, a content creation space, and a podcast studio.   All this is designed to give young people aged 11-18 the opportunity to pursue their interests and develop new skills.


With this space, students have the chance to take their creativity and curiosity to the next level. They can use 3D printers to design and produce their own inventions, learn about circuitry and electronics, or use woodworking and carpentry tools to build structures and furniture. They can also use the content creation space to make videos, design websites, or work on digital art, and even use the podcast studio to record and produce their own podcasts.


The opportunities are focused on not only academic or technical skills but also recreational and leisure activities. This includes opportunities to socialize and relax, such as board games or team sports, allowing students to connect with peers and develop social skills. Furthermore, there is also the possibility of taking on hobbies that they might not have tried otherwise, such as playing an instrument, painting, or sewing.


In addition to these opportunities, the maker space offers an alternative approach to education that emphasizes student interests and passions, enabling them to pursue meaningful learning that aligns with their values and goals. Rather than following a standard curriculum, students can take ownership of their learning experience and build their own education through exploration and experimentation.

Overall, this maker space is an exciting opportunity for students to engage in a wide range of interests and explore a variety of fields, including science, math, art, engineering, technology and more, while also providing a social and recreational outlet. It provides a mainstream school alternative that encourages student-led learning, empowering them to take ownership of their education and prepare for future success.

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Elon Musk has set up his own alternative school for his children, describing the process as “unschooling,” after he revealed that traditional schooling was neither valuable nor interesting to him as a child. “I didn’t see the regular schools doing the things I thought should be done,” Musk said. (